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Before using the Wi-Fi, take a minute to check out what you can do with our free onboard service.

You can only connect to the Wi-Fi when aboard a FlixBus or FlixTrain. You must open your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings, select "FlixBus Wi-Fi" or "FlixTrain Wi-Fi," and accept the terms and conditions. Once the internet connection is established, you can start browsing the web. To return to our Wi-Fi landing page, go to or

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is not unlimited. To ensure the bandwidth is optimized to provide a better experience for everyone aboard, there might be speed and certain website limitations. When you've consumed your data allowance, you won't have access to the internet, or we'll reduce the connection speed. After your trip, you'll receive a survey via email that you can fill in to help us further improve our onboard Wi-Fi experience.

We limit the data allowance and connection speed to provide a fairer experience to every user aboard. We aim to deliver the best experience to all travelers, but due to the moving conditions of the vehicle and the country/region restrictions, we won't be able to guarantee fast or continuous internet access. If you experience a poor internet connection, please try again later, as you might be crossing an area with low coverage. Don't forget to fill in the survey we'll send you after your trip to help us further improve the onboard Wi-Fi experience.

The Wi-Fi on board is public; therefore, we recommend avoiding private or sensitive information transfers while connected.

Currently, we don't have any additional packages available for sale.

Check out our help section or contact our customer service experts online.

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If you are traveling on a Greyhound bus, you can find the relevant Wi-Fi information here.